newlogo_tedx_imt_dubai_whiteOn 26th February 2014, Ebin George got an opportunity to be a TEDx speaker on the Theme ‘Lateral Perspective’ hosted by IMT University, Dubai Campus. His first Tedx talk on the topic ‘You cannot learn Music’ talked about the passion one needs to truly play music and how one can never learn music. He demonstrated several of his own unique ways of playing the guitar and the flute and won everyone’s heart with his humility and raw talent. Along with Ebin, There were 7 more distinguished speakers from various fields.

TEDxIMTDubai was based on the theme of The Lateral Perspective. The Lateral Perspective is the ability to approach an issue from a novel viewpoint and it involves generating alternate solutions to common problems via unorthodox methods. The inspiration of this theme is the concept of ‘Lateral Thinking’ created by Edward de Bono in 1967, which encouraged problem solving by methods that would normally be ignored by traditional logic. Their event aimed at bringing together such achievers from different walks of life, so that they can share their ideas and processes with the participants. Thus, helping them to unravel the untapped immense potential and opportunities.

TEDx IMT Dubai - Speakers

Speakers at the TEDxIMT (From L-R): Ebin George, Mahender Singh, Phil Bedford, Alaa Gard, Fayeq Oweis, Ramakrishna N.K. , Shreyas Srinivasan and Karl Haddad. — Supplied photo

a. Dr. Phil Bedford – Middle East franchise owner of The Referral Institute
b. Dr. Alaa Gaard – Director of the Emirates Center for Organizational Learning
c. Dr. Mahendra Singh – served as Director of the MIT Supply Chain 2020 Project
d. Fayeq Oweis – Arab American artist, educator, and linguist currently working for Google Arabia
e. Ramakrishna NK – Co-founded Rang De, India’s first crowd funding platform
f. Karl Haddad – Serial entrepreneur turned social entrepreneur
g. Shreyas Srinivas – Co-founder of NH7

TED is a global set of conferences owned by the private non-profit Sapling Foundation. TEDx, an independently organised event, is designed to give communities, organisations and individuals the opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED-like experiences at the local level. For more info : www.ted.com

TED Talk Video 

The video will be released shortly by TED. Bookmark this page to know more updates on TedX video.

Photographs : TEDx IMT Dubai – Lateral Perspective

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