Nothing is Impossible

Proposal to do the World Record

The live show by the world record holder Dr. Benny Prasad held in July 2011 was the main source of inspiration to approach the record authorities for an attempt to play 12 instruments continuously with a background music. In February 2012, He contacted Limca Book of Records. In order to give the approval, the record authorities asked him to make a 15 minute video of the proposed attempt. He got their approval in June 2012 and decided to conduct the event in August 2012. But as the last date for the entry for the next edition (2013) was 30 June 2012, he postponed it to a later date. He got the approval from fifteen World Record authorities and a few were under process. At the same time he got approval to conduct this event in Australia and Singapore too. The authorities of Australian Book of Records and Singapore Book of Records informed him that they will certify, if it takes place only in their country. He planned to play 20 musical instruments for the world record attempt as ‘the most number of instruments played in a one hour concert’ or ‘the maximum number of instruments used by a single person in a instrumental music concert’ depending on the category approved by the world record authorities. All the instruments were tutored by himself except the keyboard. He has passed the exams of Electronic keyboard’s up to Grade 8 conducted by the Trinity College of Music, London.

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE – Performance for the World Record

Ebin George World Record Performance

Ebin’s performance for the world record was held on Feb 2, 2013 at the SWC Auditorium(Sharjah Worship Centre), Sharjah, UAE. The title of the event was ‘Nothing Is Impossible’ which was taken from the bible verse Philippians 4:13 which says ‘I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthen me’. The young mesmerizing musician Ebin George proved his mettle by playing 27 instruments in an hour consecutively at a live musical concert. This musical extravaganza was witnessed by more than 2000 people along with the dignitaries, distinguished guests, leading business personalities, well wishers and friends. The event was inaugurated by Pastor Wilson Joseph, Chairman of Sharjah Worship Centre. The chief guest for the day Dr. Ayoub Kazim, Director of Dubai International Academic City, enthralled the audience by his inspiring message. It was followed by the keynote address by Dr. Tiju Thomas, Consul – Economic Affairs, Indian Consulate Dubai. Dr. B. Ramjee, Ex. Director of Manipal University – Dubai Campus, Mrs. Uma Prasad, Student Counsellor, Manipal University – Dubai Campus, Mr. Abraham Mathew, Vice – Principal, Emirates National School, Sharjah, Mr. Steve Thompson, Director, Berach International Music, UK also gave their felicitations. Ebin with his magical fingers played 27 instruments instead of 20, in 27 different genres made of various self-made tracks consisting of Latin, Pop, Rock, Funk, Oriental, African, Karnatic, Irish etc. and has indeed took an effort to make the impossible possible. He believes that it is only Christ Jesus who has given him the ability to achieve it.
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