Why I Love Jesus?

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It’s indeed a joy for me to start off writing with my first post on why I Love Jesus. Even though it took a few months for me to really get ready to share my heart for Christ, I am thankful to Him for opening all the ways for me in ahead. This blog had been a dream of me for the past three years and HIS time has come now. Amen.

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These days, everyone is so much aware about the Ice bucket challenge that’s happening around the world to support ALS disease and their foundation. During its hype, some of my friends started this ‘#whyIloveJesusChallenge’. I was nominated by a few of my friends and so I thought, why not I share that first on my blog.

It took a lot of time to actually examine myself to why I really Love Jesus. In fact, Words can’t define the love I have for Him and if I start to list out on the things Jesus did for me, Blogs won’t be enough. Things He gave me, the mercy He has shown towards me, the blessings He showered on me, the Honour He gave… Well, let me keep all the material stuff apart. That’s just secondary.

I love Jesus because He is GOD ~ The Visible, Tangible, Audible representation of God the Father; the perfect image. There is no one else like Him, None to compare. He is the Christ, the Messiah, the Saviour who God promised to the forefathers. He came to this Earth and spoke the same things the forefathers told. ie. In the days to come, God would restore and establish His Kingdom; His government back on this earth and will place us in it with a life that never ends ie. The Eternal Life. 

We all know that God’s standards are way higher than man can imagine and Holiness is one of His greatest attributes. I being a guy who used to break every law of God and living a life as a sinner doomed to eternal death, I would never even meet the minimum requirements to obtain it. 

THIS LIFE was just  ‘I really wish to have’ kind of dream until He said, Wait Ebin, I know you can’t obtain it by yourself as you are a despicable sinner qualified for death, BUT…… because God loves you very much, I would love to give This Life for you in exchange of our places.. 2000 years ago, I died for you on the cross by taking the punishment and the wrath of God for your sins; upon my life so that I could give you this life and inheritance FREELY by just declaring with your mouth that I am the Christ and believing that I was raised from the dead. Wow!

I repented of my sins, believed and accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord of my life and God seeing my faith in Christ, transformed my doomed state into a new creation – a justified, Holy and righteous person before Him. He forgave all my sins and saved me from death, gave me His Sonship and made me a citizen of the Kingdom of God. As an assurance to my hope of obtaining this soon-to-come Life, He even gave me His spirit, a wonderful counselor – The Holy spirit; who dwells in me and makes me walk in all truth. And Guess what? I got everything FREELY! The price was already paid for me by Him so that I wouldn’t have to do any works in return to obtain it. 

Isn’t this so cool?? Yes dear Friends, This is the truth. The way to this life is only through Jesus Christ. It is freely given to all those who believe and call upon His name. It is only through grace that we are saved and not by our works.

Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. – John 14:6 NIV

Blessings in Christ

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